Cutting Edge Technology

Since the dental centre opened, it has always been a priority for Dr. Socqué to have the most advanced technology. The latest technology allows professionals to make better diagnoses and perform more precise treatments that are more comfortable for patients.

Radiographies numériques

Digital Radiography

Our digital radiography device exposes patients to much less radiation than former equipment. In addition, the software improves the quality of images and diagnoses. Not only is it faster than conventional radiography where films have to be developed, digital radiography is environmentally-friendly.

radiographie 3D

3D Radiography

Jaw three-dimensional radiography involves the cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) technology. It serves to establish quality diagnoses and plan precision treatments. It is particularly useful to safely pinpoint the location of implants.

Prise d'impression numérique

Digital Impression

Instead of using impression paste, which is somewhat uncomfortable in the mouth, we use a digital scanner. Fast and comfortable, this tool displays your teeth onscreen and software can then process the image to design a restoration procedure or plan a treatment.

Fabrication des couronnes et facettes sur place

On-site CEREC Fabrication

With the German CEREC technology, we can make your crowns, inlays or onlays and veneers on site. Temporary restoration and a second visit after the final restoration is received from the laboratory are no longer necessary.

Centrifugeuse pour PRF

Healing with FRP

The use of fibrin-rich platelets (FRP) can speed up healing after bone grafts, gum grafts, extractions or implant placements.


Mouth Cancer Screening

Each year, about 300 Quebeckers die of mouth cancer, accounting for close to one person a day. Mouth cancer often develops without any apparent symptoms.
During dental check-ups, we take a few minutes to use VELscope, a device with which pre-cancerous mouth cells can be seen. If cancer is detected early, it is much easier to treat it and your chances of survival increase greatly.