The Basics of Implantology

Implantology is one of the most significant advances made in dentistry in the last 40 years. Dr. Per-Ingvar Brånemark, a Swedish professor, became the father of implantology when he observed the osseointegration of an inert material, such as titanium, into the jawbone.

We do not have any Canadian statistics on hand, but, according to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, some three million Americans wear dental implants. This number is said to increase by 500,000 each year and the success rate is 98%.

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a root made of a biocompatible material (often titanium) placed by a dentist into a patient’s jawbone to support a crown, a bridge or a complete prosthesis. Visually speaking, an implant is similar to a screw embedded securely into the bone. Dental implants are available in various lengths, sizes and shapes, depending on the case.

When are dental implants needed?

Dentists recommend dental implants when patients have lost one or more teeth

Loss of One or More Teeth

If you have lost only one tooth, it can be replaced by a crown on implant. If your adjacent teeth have fallen out, a bridge on implants can replace them.

Full Tooth Loss

If you are completely toothless, the solution may be a prosthesis on implants (fixed or removable).

Is it painful?

Dental implants are usually placed under local anaesthesia. Therefore, there is very little discomfort during the procedure.

When the effects of the anaesthesia subside, some sensitivity is to be expected. However, medication will be prescribed to reduce discomfort.

Why choose our centre for your implantology needs?

Dr. Socqué has extensive experience in implantology; she completes more than 200 hours of professional development training each year.

The centre is equipped with cutting-edge technology:

  • 2D and 3D radiography;
  • Guided surgery;
  • Fibrin-rich platelet centrifuge.

Dr. Socqué works closely with a denturologist to create prostheses on implants.

We also offer several financing options with plans of up to 10 years. For more information, please browse our Dental Care Financing page.

Free Implantology Consultation

Implantology treatments can be costly, but many options are available. Take advantage of a free* consultation with Dr. Socqué to find out more about the solutions that apply to your case or for a second opinion.


*The regular price of a consultation is $39.

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