Implant Technology

Since opening her dental care centre, Dr. Socqué has kept abreast of the latest technology to provide better diagnoses and perform more accurate treatments that are more comfortable for patients.

implant rendering

3D Radiography

Jaw three-dimensional radiography involves the cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) technology.

This technology produces very high-quality images of the bone architecture and main anatomical structures (jaws, sinuses, mandibular nerve, impacted teeth, etc.). Using this information, a quality diagnosis can be made to plan accurate and safe an implantology treatment.

Chirurgie guidée pour l’implantologie

Guided Surgery

Based on the digital imprint of your dentures and a 3D radiography, your dentist carefully plans the placement and size of implants using a computer.

To ensure that each implant is positioned accurately as planned, a surgical guide is used.

Centrifugeuse pour PRF

FRP Centrifuge

We use a centrifuge to separate the individual elements of blood and obtain fibrin-rich platelets (FRP).

The membrane of fibrin obtained is then used to speed up the healing process of bone grafts.