Partial Prostheses

Partial prostheses are the right solution to replace teeth when a bridge is impossible or implants are not necessarily an option.

Partial prostheses are dental appliances that replace missing teeth. They restore the aesthetics of the mouth and make it easier to chew. It is important to replace teeth missing in your mouth; otherwise, it greatly affects the durability, balance and position of the remaining teeth.

Did you know that prostheses made with new types of materials are now very light, comfortable and, above all, discreet?

Complete Prostheses

Technology has evolved considerably since only conventional dental prostheses, or dentures, were available. Using much more accurate customized measuring devices, very comfortable dental prostheses with a more natural look can now be made. We can create dental prostheses that are very stable in the mouth, even fixed, to build up the chewing strength of natural teeth and restore the jaw bone.

Putting their best workmanship skills to work, our professionals can customize an invisible prosthesis for your mouth to restore the harmony of your face.

Did you know that the new types of complete prostheses are very comfortable to wear and now look quite natural?

Prostheses for Balanced Aesthetics

At the first appointment with our denturologist, most new patients ask if large teeth will show on the front of their new prosthesis. Rest assured. Unsightly prostheses with poorly balanced aesthetics are to be avoided. An adequately made prosthesis that looks natural is practically invisible. To make sure that it is, we perform several fittings in the patient’s mouth before the prosthesis is finished.

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